Thursday, May 21, 2009

The weather is looking good...woohoo....about time!

Well the weather seems to be getting somewhat better finally......although last nights mens night was still pretty chilly......but even with the chill in the air it still brought out 27 was a good night. A big Congrats goes out to Reg Jepson for winning the Progressive Pot of $645.00 and also to Dennis Hicks for winning the Deuce Pot of $139.00 Way To Go Guys!!!! Now to build up those pots again boys.....hope to see lots of you guys out here Wednesday May 27 th, 2009 which is also our first steak night of the season.....woohoo...and better news they say its supposed to be +27 on wednesday so lets cross our fingers haha!

Anyone interested in some golf lessons we have somone coming down here on Monday May 25th come sign up at golf club or give us a call at 267-3300. Times are starting at 4 and going til 8. The cost is $100.00 per hour for a private lesson, if you have a group of four it will be $25.00 per person, and if you have a group of more than four it will be $20.00 per person. I am very excited about this I could use several lessons hahaha!

Anyways that all I got for today.............

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