Sunday, June 14, 2009

Now this is the kind of weather us golfers love.......

So finally I think its safe to say that the heat is finally here to stay.....woohoo!!! Its been getting busier and busier now that the sun is out the wind is down.....and no more snow in the forecast haha!! Its about time now hopefully we can all stop talking about the weather and start concentrating on our golf game. Or at least me anyways I dont like golfing in the finally my game is improving more and more everytime I go day would like to be shooting under that would be sweet haha!!

So last men's night was the biggest one so far this year.....43 golfers came out to play......was a beautiful night.....with a bit of rain......but the night went well. This wednesday the forecast is a high of 28 so hopefully we have the same kind of turn out or more that would be sweet....supper will be pork chops, scalloped potatoes and vegies.

Saturday June 13th was our Par 3 tournament......was a perfect day.....the weather was beautiful with a light breeze. We had 20 teams come out and play which is 80 golfers......kept us clubhouse workers hoping all day and we so loved it. Out of all the golfers 6 of them were ladies....I am thinking we need to get some Coronach ladies out there next year to play in it...hoping I will be one of them......haha! Want to thank everyone who helped put this tournament on ......and thank you to all the volunteers who helped us in the clubhouse.

Anyways so this weekend coming up on June 20th is the Town and RM tournament......and then Fathers day tournament is on June 21st....look forward to seeing you all at the golf course!!