Monday, March 16, 2009

Golf Club Newsletter - Tim Goddard

April 1 - Annual General Meeting @ 7:00pm - Curling Rink Lounge
Financial Statement Presentation
Election of Directors
Fund-Raising Activates
Recently the Board has been discussing the purchase of a tee box mower, $23,000. The one we are reviewing can be used as a back-up for other mowers. The motor went on our old one (1974) at the end of the season in 2008. By the Annual General Meeting we expect to have made a decision on a mower. Also a 5% increase to Membership Fees has been approved by the Board. Please plan to attend our Annual General Meeting, bring your ideas on how we can improve your golfing experience.

April 11 - Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament (See our ad at the end of this email)

In 2008 our two tournaments combined with the 50/50 draws raised in excess of $2000. With most of our poker supplies purchased, an additional $1000 will be raised in 2009 and applied toward utilities of the Golf Club. We see these tournaments as an option to increase income from additional sources, hopefully to minimize golf fee increases. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and participated in 2008.

This year we are asking for additional help, now with food donations. In 2008 we purchased meat & cheese trays as snack food for players and volunteers. Sheila and I have volunteered a big slow cooker of chili. We would like other volunteers for chili, slow roasted sliced beef, fresh buns and dessert squares. All you donations will help with the financial stability of the Golf Club.

If you can help out with food donations, as a dealer or as a volunteer to work around the tournament, please call me at 476-2396 or drop me an email at

NEW THIS YEAR...TEXAS HOLD'EM 101. If you are interested in joining us for a fun game of Texas Hold'em Poker and learn the basics of the game...we are planning a FREE game with no prizes at 4:00 pm on April 11, just prior to registration to the Charity Tournament. Attending the TEXAS HOLD'EM 101 will not require you to enter the Charity Tournament.

April 24 & 25 - Trade Fair Booth with Coronach Tourism

Plan to drop by and enter your name for a free round of golf and other promotional items. You can also pay your fees at this time.

June 6 - Watch for details of an excellent fund-raising opportunity for the Club

Our website has been updated - visit us at

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